Using SATA drives with SAS RAID controller

So I bought an old Dell workstation and it unexpectedly came with a Dell SAS 6/iR RAID controller. Supposedly SATA drives are compatible with SAS controllers, so I tried hooking up a couple of SATA drives I had lying about to the controller. No dice, the drives aren't even recognized. So I posted on a Dell forum and was basically told that you can't expect consumer grade SATA drives to work with a server grade SAS controller. How true is this? Has anyone here ever had trouble connecting a WD Blue to an SAS adapter?
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    This was actually a simple mistake on my part. On the back of each SAS drive connector was another connector I hadn't noticed. It was necessary to plug the SATA power cables from the PSU into the back of the SAS connector, then attach the SAS connector to the SATA drive. I had never even seen an SAS connector before, and was assuming that it was getting power somehow from the PCIe bus. Anyway, it's recognizing my SATA drives now.
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