Upgrading HDD and SSD

Good morning, guys.

I'm doing a serious upgrade in my rig this month. I've got a Seagate 500 GB HDD (it's 6 years old) and no SSD. Windows 10 has forced me to use SSD more than never as well. So, I'm buying a GTX 1070 Galax 8GB this month along SSD and HD. I'd like you to recommend a very good quality SSD model as well as HDD. For a SSD, are 250 GB enough? I plan to install Windows, Steam, Office and Google Chrome. I don't plan to install games in the SSD, except for The Witcher 3. Doing some researches, I found these parts:

HDD: HD Seagate SATA 3,5´ BarraCuda 2TB 7200RPM 64MB Cache SATA 6Gb/s - ST2000DM006

SSD: Samsung 750 EVO 250GB SATA III

Would they serve me well? Thank you!


Windows 10 64 bits
i5 4690
1X8GB RAM - Hyper X
GTX 960 2 GB - Galax
PSU 650W Corsair
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  1. Yes, those are good parts.
    Nice choice :)
  2. Are they compatible with my mobo? I know my mobo is pretty advanced, but just checking.
  3. Sure they are. You just need SATA 3 cables. Which you probably already have.
  4. Get the 500gb ssd. the extra capacity will really help it last into the future.
  5. I'm with jwcrellin on this. If you can possibly swing it go for the 750 EVO 500 GB model. You'll never regret it. Newegg has it for $149.99 "onsale" today (1/7/17). It's only about $25 more than the 250 GB model. It's a virtual certainty the extra disk-space capacity will be useful for you in the future.
  6. Hi, guys. So, the 500 GB model is way too expensive compared to the 250 GB one. Things in Brazil are utterly expensive, so I think the 250 GB. Does Windows take a lot of space in the SSD that 250 GB would feel tight or so?

    Also, I've got files in my old HDD (where my current windows is installed) and I'm thinking of transferring things to the new HDD. Should I send everything from C: main unit to D: unit and then wipe windows in C:? Then, after I install Windows 10 in the SSD, I just need to send all the files from D: (old HDD) to new HDD, right?
  7. Best answer
    Windows won't take more then 30 GB. From microsoft:

    For the second question I'm not sure...
    Fresh install windows on SSD then backup files from your HDD to something (portable drive if you have one) and then delete everything on it and copy files from your backup to HDD.
    You can copy it to SSD yes, but I wouldn't suggest doing that because writing a lot of data on a SSD will shorten his lifespan. How much data are we talking about here? 10, 20, 50, 100 GB?
  8. My files are about 20 GB.

    Recently, I was checking the prices in my country and found out that SSD here is very expensive and I cna only find it in a single online store. Would you guys recommend me any other brand with quality as good as Samsung?
  9. Here you go:
    Find what suits you the best :)
  10. Thanks for the web site, pretty useful. I found this Kingston UV 400, they say it's pretty good and warranty is also cool. I guess I'm sticking with it.
  11. Sure, no problem. Happy to help :)
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