PC shuts off randomly when playing high to ultra quality on graphic intensive games

Hi, so to start this all off whenever I jump into a game such as rainbow six siege half way through it just cuts off with no warning. I've checked bios and I've downloaded speed fan and everything is running at normal temps although my gpu does get to about 68 when playing games but I think that is normal, correct me if I'm wrong. Cpu runs at 30 to 40 while in game and 27 on idle.CPU max temp is 60. Just replaced my psu so I don't think that's a problem either. Also I've checked my drivers and they are all up to date.

OS:Windows 10
CPU: amd fx 6300
GPU:msi RX-480 4gb
PSU: evga 600w +80 rated
Ram: 16 gb HYPERX ddr3

Temp1 26c
Temp2 26c
Temp3 -128c <---This is weird
HD0 34c
HD1 32c
GPU 32c
Core 9c
This is idle temp btw
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  1. Usually these shutdowns are power related and you have a poor PSU.
  2. So would a 750 watt do or do I need to invest in like a 800w
  3. Best answer
    Your wattage is fine , but that model EVGA is known to be unstable.
  4. Wattage isn't your issue, its quality of the unit
  5. Do you have model you recommend, if not that is ok.
  6. Seasonic S12 / M12 works nicely 620 watts and inexpensive
  7. ok I will look into thanks :) would a corsair 650 work?
  8. Corsair CX650M would be a great choice.
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