how to move/clone/migrate OS from HDD to mSATA ssd and boot from ssd? (windows 10)

so guys, first i want to give you some of details that i have

i'm using msi ge602qd with "amazingly" 5400rpm 1tb hdd. unbelievable.
i'm planning to get samsung 840 evo msata ssd. 120gb or 250gb size.
i watched some videos on youtube, about how to install the ssd but without steps to migrate the os from the old hdd, and another one like, installing new ssd and replacing the hdd.

but i can't find about full videos or tutorials about how exactly migrate/clone/move OS from my hdd to a new msata, and i still use the hdd for storage, and my ssd for boot, os and some important programs only.

i don't know how to do that. and i want to know what is the easiest, simplest, and fastest way to do.

and my C drive is mostly use.

i hope i can find the clear information, and tutorials how to do it, and maybe can you provide picture also, for the steps, and sorry for my long explanation, cause i want to be more specific.

thanks guys, i hope for the feedback :)
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    Use Paragon Migrate OS to SSD™ 5.0 to move OS onto your new SSD.

    Install it.

    Go into your BIOS, change boot sequence / priority.

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  2. Or use Acronis True Image to clone.
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  3. I've used the Paragon Migrate OS to SSD multiple times, and it has always worked beautifuly.
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  4. Astralv said:
    Or use Acronis True Image to clone.

    I just tried Acronis True Image to try copy my OS to my M.2 SSD and it tried to do its thing and I reset to discover it didnt copy anything and it didn't go through with the cloning process. I'm hoping OP's post will work for me and allow me to copy over only windows 10 to my M.2 SSD. No other software has worked thus far.
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