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Hello, my name is Tom and I am new to pc gaming and am building my first rig. My question is, if i intend to play my games on my 4k tv, are the parts i select for my rig (i.e. gpu, cpu), REQUIRED to be 4k capable? Can i choose parts for great 1080p gaming and save some money? Would i be wasting money getting 1080p gear and playing on a 4k tv. I plan to upgrade to 4k parts after i get a handle on building and playing with software and such (im a console convert, so its all new to me) thanks for any input!
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  1. You can run your games at a lower resolution on your 4K TV, it just won't look as good as they would running them at native 4K, whether that is a waste or not will depend on how long it's going to take to save up for a higher end GPU. Gaming at 4K resolution does require a fairly high end graphics card, with midrange cards like the RX 480 and GTX 1060 6GB being more or less the absolute minimum for playable framerates on current triple-A titles, and that's if you run current games at low settings. Really, the GPU you pick is going to dictate whether your system is 4K capable or not, CPU is somewhat less important as 4K is so demanding that you're unlikely to get high framerates at that resolution even with a really high end GPU.
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    It really depends on the games. World of Warcraft for example you could run 4k with a good i5 and gtx1060 6G. For a lot of other games tho there is no single GPU 4k. Look down the list as more than half drop below 60fps on the gtx1080.
  3. I was also going to build a 4k rig but then I decided to build a 2k rig instead since its a big fps increase and allows your fps to stay above 60 even on demanding games and possibly for future releases aswell. I personally would not go for 4k because a new game could get released which you are unable to play at 4k at a respectable fps.
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