$700 aud new build for gaming

hi, my friend is looking at making building a new pc.
he wants it for gaming. he likes games such as overwatch and cs go but would like to try battlefield type games, he's happy running those on low.
what parts should he be looking at getting?
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    I made a very quick part list, you can edit and put in other things and change parts you might not necessarily like.
  2. that looks good, how does the i3 6100 fair in games? do you think it'd be a good idea to see what ryzen and kaby lake do to the cpu market?
  3. the 6100 runs games pretty well, don't be discouraged by it being an i3 because it's a really good CPU, you can save up some more money then definitely get like an i5 6600 or get a 6600k but you would then need to get a motherboard allowing overclocking so that wouldn't be worth the hassle. But if you could then get a little bit more money for the i5 6600. I feel like prices might go down a bit so I think it's a good idea to wait 1-3 months.
  4. thanks for the help, that sounds good. i'm passing on your recommendations, its similar to what i was thinking. i feel like he'll love it
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