My hard drive is very slow( for the second time) and can't format my laptop

Hello, guys,

I got a real problem I faced before 1 year ago(almost same), before few weeks, i was using my laptop and watching anime as normal on my bed, then i tried to get out of my bed and the laptop fall out from my bed, then my laptop turned off, I powered it up to then it's started to say Automatic repair(I thought Windows was Installing updates and when it turned off it got stuck at that point) and then no thing happens they just say to repair my pc( I'v known this is the end of my partition C and it's needed to be formatted, but wait a minute !!! I have files on that partition and others important files and i don't have back ups), so I went to my CDs and I made a lot in past, one of them Hiren's Boot CD 15.2, Drake Boot and nuke, Ubunto and much more, so i used hiren to check out my memory, it's checked it without problem, then i tired to check my harddrive but it's not recognized so I turned off my pc and I made sure the hard drive is well installed, then i rebooted my laptop it's same problem, I re used Hiren's Boot cd and entered Windows xp mini, very powerful tool, from that tool I got all my files back and it's safe and not even damaged, I copied files(videos, music and other files) to my brother's laptop until I get my laptop's back, and then I tried to repair my pc, by CD( I entered windows 10 CD, and entered repair command)
after few searches I've done in internet for similar cases, I got to use Bootrec /fixmbr, /scanos ..
I used first 3 commands but on /scanos, I cancelled the operation for scan, and I entered windows 8 cd to install new operating system, after i restarted the laptop it's not even load the cd very well and very slow, after few minutes it's showed the log windows 8 to install I added the language as normal, and pressed start, on that time it was night, and took to long to load(I couldn't recognize if it's from cd, cd reader, Ram, or harddrive for that slow actions), I went to sleep and when I woke up I found it's on format partition to choose where to add the operating system, I pressed the second partition(Which I believe it's c partition)but i noticed something that other partitions are empty (then I remembered using /scanos that i cancelled it, I thought that it's deleted my files on other partitions, because i remember i saw that files again when I booted by Windows xp mini), when I pressed on partition 2 for installing, It's took too long to load and then it's start to install I went to sleep after I woke up found that error accord while installing,

I tried to install ubunto by cd, and when they asked to try or install, I pressed install it went to other page on that page after i choose continue, it's got more than 2 hours while showing refresh button and no thing happened , and i am here, now....

I tried to load windows xp mini again from hiren's boot but it's starts freezing a lot...
I don't want to change my harddrive until i get my files on other partitions,

**** New: I re used hiren's bootcd and i used partition saver, I noticed my files are safe, but i couldn't copy it...

**update: Now, The drive isn't show at all, no in device manager, nor on bios
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  1. Sounds like you may have damaged the read head which finally gave out. Time to replace the HDD :(
  2. What about my data and files in that hdd ?
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