Old seagate barracudas making siren like noises

I've put together the new system recently and salvaged my 2 old drives. St3320620AS Barracuda 7200.10 I remember correctly. Maybe they made such noises before but I couldn't hear it in the chassis. They make a siren like squeaks (not like those loud siren ones you can usually read about). I can barely hear them in silence. It's hhh h hhh h hhh h. They bother me a lot.

Should I be concerned about the drives? They're 11 years old by now

Crystal Disk says they're good
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    To be honest, I would be concerned about any platter drive that is 11 years old, and the noise you are describing sounds very much to me like the sounds of a drive that is nearing end if life. In my personal experience, the times that I have had platter drives fail, they started making a similar sound for a few weeks before going kaput. Crystal disk is a great program, but it may not be definitive for diagnoses. If it was my system, I would replace the drives just to be on the safe side...I couldn't imagine losing 11 years worth of data...

    Hope this helps!
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