Overclocking 4770k i7 with default BIOS settings

Hi All

Just a quick one

My Setup:
CPU: 4770k i7 3.5ghz
Mobo: MSI Z87-GD65
RAM: Corsair Vengence 2133mhz
Cooler: Corsair H105

Can you overclock my CPU to 4.2ghz but keep the settings such as v.core as [Auto]
Ive just changed the settings to 4.2ghz but havent changed anything else, all other settings are also

I have been using the PC for a week or so and couldnt see any issues
Temp stays around 30 degrees C

Do I need to change settings? or can the mobo use the correct settings for the CPU speed?

Many Thanks
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  1. Leaving voltage on Auto isn't advisable as it allows the CPU to request any voltage it likes from the motherboard, which could cause dangerously high voltage and/or system failure due to the board failing to deliver it.

    If your vCore is ok and you arent getting any problem then you are lucky, but ideally you'd set a fixed voltage and offfset the LLC slightly to allow for droops.

    Any idea what your vCore is hitting?
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