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I recently had to switch to a new computer and am trying to attach the old HD so that I can recover the data. The drive shows up in device manager correctly and even shows up in file explorer. However when I try to open the drive, file explorer crashes. I have tried to check in disk management, however disk management simply hangs when i try to scan to the drive so I have no idea if its even corrupted or not.

The drive is a Seagate 1TB STS31000524AS
The new computer is an Acer Aspire XC-70G running Windows 10

Any help would be appreciated, there is a lot of data on the drive I would like to save
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  1. Hey there, laserviking42.

    The title says external drive, but from what I see this is an internal HDD model. So if you're using an adapter or an enclosure to connect it externally, I'd recommend that you take it out of the equation and try connecting the drive internally, to see if the same thing happens.
    If you've connected it internally via a standard SATA connection, I'd suggest that you try different SATA cables and a different port, to see if the same thing happens. You could also try accessing it via Ubuntu Live USB/DVD to see if this OS is capable of properly recognizing the drive so that you can get to your files.
    Another option would be data recovery software: https://www.lifewire.com/free-data-recovery-software-tools-2622893

    Hope that helps. Please let me know how it goes.
  2. unfortunately the new computer does not have an extra bay and SATA connection for me to try that, so the only way to go is external at the moment. i can't try any data recovery until i can actually get the drive recognized by disk management and verify that it is indeed corrupted in some way.
  3. Well, you do have another option as well. Many data recovery programs have a bootable option just for cases like yours, where there's no chance of you booting to the OS. You might be able to give it a try with a few of those.
    Other than that, you could still try the HDD with a different computer if possible, even if it's an external connection, just to see if the same thing happens.
  4. The HDD does not work on other computers, i ran seagate's own diagnostic on the device and it gave me unspecified errors, so it appears my only recourse is to try to salvage the data if possible. I am not familiar with the data recovery programs out there, is there one you'd recommend? Thnaks for your help in this matter
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