2 Internal Storage devices, how to Save windows in case primary goes

So my primary boot drive with Win10 installed is my 960 GB Sandisk II SSD.

My secondary and extra space drive is a Seagate Barracuda 7200 RPM 1TB HDD.

I have a restore point saved on my sandisk to revert to my day 1 install but I was wondering if there was a way I could save the windows install onto my 1TB HDD in case the Sandisk ever goes. I have reading that people have had problems with the Sandisk going bad after a few months to a years time so I wanted to be prepared for that.
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    1) Open the Start Menu, type in Backup and Restore and launch the program.
    2) Click Set up backup.
    3) Select your secondary drive as the destination, press Next.
    4) Select Let me choose, click Next.
    5) Select everything you want to back up. Make sure Include a system image is selected before pressing next.
    6) Take a look at your settings to verify it's all the way you want it and set up a schedule.
    7) Click Save settings and run backup.

    Congrats, you learned how to back up your SSD.
  2. dudio said:

    System Restore saves its restore points on the system drive, which is the SSD. Since he's trying to verify that he will still have his data from the SSD if it fails, System Restore is not going to do him any justice.
  3. thanks that was great, easy and simple. Honestly I saw that option but it said (windows 7) so I was a bit confused and put off.
    Thanks for reaffirming my doubts!!

    Also, for now I am copying everything as I have the space. If I use this option and the SSD goes does that mean I could boot straight off of the HDD?
  4. It says Windows 7 because the feature is based off Win 7 code. It scares some users, but the bottom line is Windows 10 is able to recognize it correctly and there are no compatibility issues.

    Can you boot straight off the HDD? No. The system image inside the backup could be used to format and install to another drive. It will install Windows just as it was when you made the backup.

    Use the below link to figure out how to create a system repair disk in the event of catastrophic failure.
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