Sandisk Ultra II 960GB SSD vs Samsung 512 GB SSD

So I just returned my best buy gtx 1080 system with a 512gb Samsung because I built a system based around a gtx 1070 strix but I used a sandisk ultra II 960gb as my Primary and boot disk.

On that best buy system I had the sandisk in there as a backup/extra storage because the 512 fills up fast. But most of my games booted off the Samsung.

Now having the sandisk and after having the Samsung as my primary and boot I can say I do notice booting and opening programs off of the sandisk 2 is certainly slower. Albeit an average gamer or computer user wouldn't notice and its a hell of a lot faster still than a 7200rpm HDD.

No stutters or anything, but I can just tell. I haven't done any benchmarks comparing the two but is this proven that the Sandisk is slower than the Samsung ? Or should I be wondering about how this drive is operating?

I understand the Sandisk is mucher cheaper price per GB, perhaps this is why?
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    The Samsung Pro and Evo lines continually get high recommendations and are reviewed as top of their respective classes. Sandisk makes a good drive as well and usually has good reviews. Im actually using an Ultra II 240GB as the boot drive in my gaming rig, and a 500GB Evo drive for my game installs.

    Im not worried so much about boot times. A couple seconds between the two at boot are paltry compared to a typical HDD. I personally want my games to have the best option over the OS boot time, so that is why I did my config. Its all a matter of your budget and priorities though.
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