Best way to cool the CPU "Socket" on ASUS M5A99X EVO R2.0


Does somebody knows what the best way is to cool of the socket or post a picture where this damned sensor is located on the MB ?

I'm currently on air cooling and are making a waterbuild custom, so the cooling will be much better,
but i'm realy not enthousiast about the socket even if i use a very good water build.

I already mounted a 7000 RPM fan on the back of the MB at the CPU, but somehow i feel like it's not doing anything at all, the temps are the same with or without the fan.
So if you could show me where the sensor actualy is, it could help me a lot, or if you know a better way to cool it, then please tell me :p

I'm planning on OC the CPU in an Exteme way once i have made my custom water build, but if the socket in not willing to cool of , then i'm in trouble, even with a waterbuild.

i can easy OC my FX 8350 from 4.0 to 5.0 Ghz on aircooling (evo 212) and it runs on pretty good temps to (not under full load) , but when i try to stress test it , then the temps will go crazy and the PC will not respond and i guess go into Safe mode to not turn into a BBQ :D

So a lil help please Thank You.

All i need is an answer on cooling the socket,
Don't worry about the air cooling , i'm working on the water build like right now ;)
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  1. That's built in the processor, not the socket itself or MB. Take care of Core temps and "socket" temps will go down too.
  2. you're sure about that ?

    well i can't test it right away because i'm stil waiting for my water tanks & pomps to arive but i hope you are right ...
    That could fix the problem but do i need to place an extra sensor on the back of the MB at the socket ?

  3. Yes, I'm sure about FX processors and Athlon II and Phenom II processors. Earlier Athlon had a flexible probe in the middle of the socket and attached to MB so I guess they just continued with "Socket" temperature name.
    In addition, AMD processors don't have temperature sensor for each core separately, what shows for one core is the same as for all cores. That "socket" temperature some programs also flag as "Package" temps.
  4. ok good to know , i'll let you know once i'm done making my custom waterbuild how it goes.
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    That fan at the back of socket is not gonna help CPU but may cool MB and the back of VRM which can get hotter. VRM chips are mounted straight on the MB so they can get hotter than CPU which is insulated by socket itself.
  6. im planning on mounting copper heat pipes on the VRM for better cooling
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