G.Skill Sniper Gaming Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR3-1866 Memory Running at 667 MHz

Well this is my part list
and as the title states;
my ram is running at more than 1000mhz less than what it should be
Any help is appreciated!
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  1. It's running at 1333MHz. It's double data rate. Go into your BIOS and see what it says. You may have to enable XMP to get 1866MHz in BIOS OC settings.

    Do you know exact model number of your RAM? Run CpuZ if youre not sure..
  2. F3-12800CL10-8GBXL?
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    Googling the model number says it's 1600mhz RAM, not 1866.

    And yes, you typically won't get anything faster than base speed (SPD, 1333mhz) right out of the box without manually changing either the memory frequency in bios, or by enabling XMP.
  4. Yeah go into OC settings in the BIOS and enable the XMP profile. And also yes they appear to be 1600MHz.
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