budget cpu for multitasking and gaming

what is the best budget cpu for multitasking and gaming
here are my builds
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  1. definitely go i5-7400
  2. An i3 7100 or even Pentium G4560 would cut your budget down a bit. The Pentium is the same as an i3 but with slightly lower clocks and no AVX instructions.
  3. i want to be able to upgrade the gpu and storage so i5 7400?
  4. i5 is a better gaming CPU, just depends on how much you're looking to spend.
  5. not really going to be gaming a whole lot just work and multitasking
  6. What multitasking exactly? Rendering a video, with 60 tabs open in Chrome and 4K content playing on your second monitor?
  7. lots of tabs open and watching 4k/1080p videos on youtube
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    Frankly I expect you'd be fine with a Pentium or Core i3, that's still what I'd consider "light desktop usage". A faster chip couldn't hurt, but you may not be able to tell a difference between a $70 Pentium G4560 and $350 i7 7700K with your uses.
  9. i might go with an i3 7300
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