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Hi i had a question i just moved from a very large cpu case to the corsair air 240 and i had a question regarding the liquid cooling i have the corsair h80 and in my big case under load my fx8350 had temps of about 120f at load but ever since i moved everything to this case i am seeing 160f at load everything is configured the same way albeit in different locations except i opted out of the push pull config like in my old case which shouldnt make THAT much of a difference i looked at the asrock app and showed that my pump in rinning at 2100rpms amd fans are all working fine, was just wondering if you guys have any tips about this?
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    Redo mounting > clean old TIM > apply TIM > the TIM fills micro gap (these gap halved heat convection) > fasten loosen fasten loosen fasten screwing.
    If persist, then either pump is flowing coolant too slow or fans is not cooling coolant enough, try max out pump and fan PWM @ 100%.
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