Power Cable Confusion: one 6-pin in GTX 970's 8-pin power connector = disaster??

Hi peeps,

I recently bought a Gigabyte GTX 970 Mini (for an eGPU build) which has a 8-pin power connector. Ironically my adapted PSU only has two 6-pin cables.

Hence my question, can I just plug one of the two 6-pin cables into the card's 8-pin power connector, or would I need witness a expensive disaster/melting GPU?

Or would it be safer to use a dual 6pin female to 8pin male adapter cable like this one for instance?

Thank you very much in advance in saving me and my GPU!
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  1. What PSU do you have specifically?

    Generally, if a PSU lacks the appropriate connectors, you should avoid using it.

    If the PSU you have is a single 12V rail setup, then the 2x6pin to 8 pin adapter should work just fine.
    If it's a poor quality unit, with multiple 12V rails, it could get interesting.,
  2. Thank you for your quick reply!

    The PSU is a Dell DA-2 (220W) with three 12V rails...

    I hope it's a good quality unit, so it won't get interesting ;-)

    So you would suggest not trying it?
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    i'm pretty sure you have the power supply model wrong. that DA-2 is a laptop power brick. but if the psu is 220w, then it is not even close to strong enugh for the card and needs to be upgraded. an 8-pin can give up to 150w and the motherboard another 75w for 225w total just for the gpu. that leaves nothing for the cpu and rest of the system.

    check again for the psu model, but 220w is not even close to good enough for the card in question. not sure why it would even have 2 x 6-pins when it is not even close to able to give that much power. i have a 375w dell psu that came with an xps system and it only has a single 6 pin on it.
  4. you COULD do it, however if the GPU tries to pull the power of the 8 pin through the 6 pin, bad things will happen, cable melting, BSOD, psu failure (probly not the last one but might)
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