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So right now I have an Asus m5a78/USB3 motherboard, FX 8320e and a gtx 1060 3gb. I know for sure that the 8320e bottlenecks. Are there any AMD CPU that would provide a significantly better gaming experience?
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  1. There are no better AMD CPUs, unfortunately.
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    I first do not think that you have an upgrade option here while maintaining the mobo. FX9xxx series processors are not supported for this mobo

    and even FX8xxx series CPU's are not recommended for this board.

    And even if you did upgrade, your CPU would still fall into the same general tier,4312.html

    Last, I question that this CPU is bottlenecking the GPU, lots of people are getting good pairing results on 3DMark FX-8320E&gpuName=NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060-6GB

    Try that yourself, run a 3DMark benchmark to see if your Graphics and CPU scores are relatively the same.
  3. You can buy the 9590 but it's terrible and runs really hot
    Instead save for an intel cpu
  4. 9590 is not supported on this mobo (Oops, just added the "not" to my original post)
  5. sorry my bad, yes
    better save up for an intel cpu
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