Looking for ~500 GB SSD , best value pick?


Looking to buy the best smart buy SSD ~500 GB. must be sata as i don't have m.2 on m/b

i have Samsung 128 840 pro and crucial mx100 at the moment, just want a 3rd drive for more games.

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  1. Why not just buy a mechanical HDD for your games. Storing games on an SSD isn't going to improve your gaming by a large amount.

    Otherwise, Crucial MX300 525GB -
  2. Aside from the above comment...

    Samsung 500gb 850 Evo is your best cheap option. for an even cheaper option, sandisk SSD Plus will work.
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    Best smart value would be a 1Tb WD Blue HDD for @ $50.

    If an SSD is preferable and budget allowed, the Samsung 850 Evo is the best performance/value. Coming in under the 850 Evo as far as performance and price goes, it's hard to beat either the SanDisk SSD Plus or the Crucial MX300.

    Value is kinda hard to define, personally the Samsung is the better value, even at its higher price, since it's performance and reliability has yet to really been challenged, but that's me, many would also see the other 2 SSDs as better value being cheaper and almost as good.
  4. Samsung 850 Evo is my choice. However if I were on the market for a ssd today, I would go with 1tb due to how large pc games are. Doom is like 80gigs man!
  5. thanks for all the replies.

    i have a 2tb hdd ,just dont like longer loading screens.
    so the 850 evo or mx300 it is!
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