My pc won't detect HDD without reboot windows.

I have a spare HDD. Sometime i just wanted to hook it up to back-up files but i have to reboot windows everytime.
how do i let my pc detect the hdd while it running?
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    Hi there Sill,

    This should be an internal drive right?
    See if you have this hot plug feature in BIOS. If you do, then you can enable it.

    D_Know_WD :)
  2. Thank you for your reply,
    yes it's an internal 3.5' drive, sata port.
    hot-plug feature already enabled in BIOS
    the drive only shows up in diskmgmt/devmgmt after reboot.
  3. i'm not sure what i've messed in BIOS but after i load the bios' default setting,re-enable hot-plug, it works.
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