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So earlier this month my pc hd 7850 2g died after 2yrs and a half and i thought it was just a wear and tear my friend who had an extra old zotac 560 lend me it, after 2 weeks now it wont display anything too. Now we were thinking it might have something to do with the psu.
Although when i remove the gpu and only use integrated gpu it works,

My specs:
MOBO: asus p8h61m le
CPU: i5 3570k
RAM: 8g ripjaw
HDD: 1t WD; 500g seagate
Psu: gigabyte superb e570
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  1. Rail voltages are most important when the system is under load.
    You can check your Rails in HWMonitor when the system is stress tested.
    If you feel the PSU is not doing it's job then swap it out with a known working unit of the same or higher Wattage.
  2. Any recommendation for programs i can use to stress test? And also any other advice for troubleshooting cause i dont have any spare working psu's, atm.
  3. Blox said:
    Any recommendation for programs i can use to stress test? And also any other advice for troubleshooting cause i dont have any spare working psu's, atm.

    I use AIDA64 which is a good stress tester and it will also test your sub systems.
    Another is Realbench which is a realworld tester and if you pass that test your 24/7 stable.

    With HWMonitor and AIDA64 side by side on your desktop you can run the stress test from the Tools menu in AIDA64 for CPU, FPU and cache. HWMonitor will indicate all rail voltages under load and your temperatures.
    Run the test for 10mins and stop the test if temps get above 80C. Take screen shots at the 10min mark and upload to IMIGUR. Obtain the BBurl as a link here for analysis if you wish.
  4. sorry it took so long to reply, was busy. But anyways i got what you asked for here:

    this second image i forgot to capture while test was running so it might not be good. But here it is too:

    Also i run Realbench and passed it.(without the gpu though).

    Lastly i tried to connect the old 560 and worked again, so it probably safe to say that my pc is fine and i can buy a new video card in peace.
    Would be cool if you can reply back and analyze the stats i got, just by curiosity sake.
  5. No problem Blox. If the second test was done at idle then you will need to run it again as rail Voltages seem OK but that's not under load. Your temperatures are within acceptable limits when under load.
    Having past Realbench indicates the rest of your system is good.

    Run the test without Memory check box ticked. Then run a stress test on the GPU alone to confirm it's the culprit. It's certainly looking more and more like the GPU if your iGPU is working OK.

    This is not 100% confirmation as there may be a problem with the MB PCIe slot as it sometimes can be contamination, dust or hair which can be cleaned using compressed air from a canister and Isopropyl Alcohol 95% to clean the Terminals. Use a lint free cloth or coffee filters with the PSU turned off.
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    That gigabyte psu have been running a 7870 for almost 3 years. And your pc runs with integrated graphics fine. Meaning that psu is not capable of outputting the required power anymore. Take your gpu to a nearest computer store. They should test your gpu if you ask politely.
  7. ok will do that next week gonna be busy for the week again, btw i bought rx 480 and seems fine atm. gonna do those things you said so i can protect my baby.
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