Graphics card driver causes bsod, cant get into safe mode because keyboard and mouth issues.

So i was casually surfing on the internet when suddenly some weird stuff happened on my screen. It all started flickering, then my laptop shut down.
I got a blue screen of death saying

Video tdr failure

Then my laptop instantly reboots 2 times, and after that i get the chance to enter the advanced settings screen where i actually have plenty of choices.

What i thought would work, since this issue if im not mistaken is due to my graphics card driver being faulty, is to boot into safe mode with networking, download the latest driver and thats it.

As im trying to do that i keep running into a deadend. On the login screen to windows 10 safe mode typing in my password is required.

The problem is that half of the buttons dont work on the keyboard for some reason so i cant complete my ow, and neither soes the mouse work, so i cant make use of the on screen keyboard.

At this point im completely lost, and i don't see any chance of fixing this other buying a new keyboard and hoping that it would work on the login screen... But i would love to be proven wrong :)

(ps appearently i cant get into my bios either i suspect the f2 butten is faulty too.
I hade no problem whatsoever with my keyboard before the first bsod)
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  1. Do you have Numlock enabled on your laptop keyboard? Try plugging in an external keyboard, and see if you have the same issue. My bet is numlock is enabled on your laptop.
  2. Numlock is enabled indeed but i cant turn it ff sonce the NmrLk buttom isnt functioning either.
  3. disable your onboard graphics, it should go in to vga mode,you should then be able to fix your problems. Use your mouse.
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    Hook up an external keyboard, and turn numlock off. You can also go into BIOS, and there should be an option to enable or disable numlock in there.
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