CPU cooling, where should i connect the water pump and the fan? motherboard or power supply?

i recently bought this CPU cooler: ID Cooling Frostflow 120l, and i only have one slot with 4 pins on the motherboard named CPU_Fan, the other slot, SYS_FAN, does not work.

Also, i need to know how is best to set up my CPU cooler. I have a pump connector with 4 pins and a fan connector with 3 pins.

Should i connect the water pump directly to the power supply with a 3 pin splitter and the fan to the motherboard on the CPU_FAN slot?

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    you should connect the radiator fan to the motherboard so that motherboard can control the speed pf the fan and the pump to the power supply with the 3 pin connector.
  2. it worked, thanks a lot
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