My Computer shuts down when I try playing games or watching videos. Please help

Help my Computer Shuts down whenever i try to watch a Video or Play a game

I run a Radeon-7950 GPU
and a FX 8320 CPU

Whenever I try playing a game or watching a video that runs above 30fps the computer crashes but not completely it still running but the screen has no output [however it does shutdown completely sometimes]

Cpu temp while on a game is 49C
GPU temp while on game is 85C

Ive tried a ton of solutions from checking xpu andgpu temperatures to reinstalling drivers
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  1. And what are the temperatures?
  2. Those are 2 very power hungry chips. Is possible the PSU has reached its limit. I would test the PC without the video card and see how it fairs. Run the same video that you tried earlier, and if you can the same games.
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    Check the compatibility and update the drivers, and also scan for virus, and I recommend to do a casual service your pc.
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