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Hi..rookie here....building a new one...planning to buy the new KabyLake i5 7500.....with the 100 series motherboard(no z270....low budget) the manufacturers have already released the bios update......please tell me, how will I update the bios without installing the OS?.....also suggest a good motherboard (100 series....which won't bottleneck the performance).....

Thank you.
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    100 series doesn't have the option of updating without CPU , a few select Z170 boards do.

    Purchase a Z270 , B250 or H270 to guarantee a compatible BIOS.

    Boards aren't a bottleneck.
  2. No 100 series 200 series your asking for problems unless you find a 100 series you can update the BIOS without a processor.
    For about 15 more bucks buy the i5 6600 same performance.
  3. What budget z170 motherboard did you find?
  4. Thank you...for clearing the confusion ...found out that there is a less expensive ' MSI B250M gaming pro ' worries for bios update.
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