possible to install windows 7/8 on a preinstalled windows 10 laptop ?

Its like this, I don't want windows 10, I hate it. I want windows 7/8 on my new laptop, but I want to buy a oled laptop because the quality of the screen is much better then lcd/led ips now these are my choices, preinstalled windows 10 alienware 13 r2/r3 oled or lenovo thinkpad x1 oled I understand that the newer models of these are intel kaby cpu and those cpu's are deliberately designed not to be optimised for anything under windows 10, lets keep things simple. How do I get windows 7/8 on one of these laptops, do I, get a new motherboard and sdd from the manufacture or, do I, uninstall or get a new sdd and install windows 7/8 on the laptop. Every piece of information is helpful and a thanks in advance to everyone.
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  1. You probably can't. There won't be drivers available for that hardware. If you want the latest HW, then you have to live with the latest OS.
  2. ok, seems logic on the kaby cpu. What about a skylake windows 10 preinstalled software, can I simple uninstall win 10 and install win 7/8 from dvd ? I thought the motherboard's are tied to the installed operating system ?
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    Laptops are difficult. They usually require drivers from the vendor to support the user interface (touchpad, etc), the network hardware and sometimes the video camera subsystem. IF you can find one with the Windows 7 drivers on the vendor site you have a chance. Otherwise you may be VERY disappointed.
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