Does the Phenom II X4 965BE 125W TDP consume more power than the FX 8300 95W TDP?

I have got an old Phenom 2 X4 965BE with 125 watts TDP. Would the 95W FX8300 consume less power than my old processor? The FX does obviously much less heat but does it also consume less power? I'm really curious because i could sell my phenom for 40€ and buy an fx 8300 for 100€ with the same clock speed but double the cores! 60€ for twice the cores would be a good deal for me! Thanks in advance! ;-)
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  1. If you really wanted to upgrade to an 8 see if your board is compatible with the fx 8320e. Been using it on a 700 series chip set board as a folding machine. Been stressed a lot and still runs great.
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    It does draw less power, however it would not be worth the upgrade.
    Speed and cores means relatively little compared to architecture, and they have a very similar IPC (or instruction per clock). Unless you have a program that benefits from 8 threads (games wont) then you would not have any increase in performance.

    If you wanted a substantial upgrade, you have to make the switch to intel (I had to do so with my 965)
  3. @lfkfkfkffs it is compatible i have called the support of AsRock, this was also not the question :)
  4. why would you buy something older like the fx 8300 just get something newer
  5. Because it would perfectly fit me for what i'm doing right now. Also im sorry for down voting your comment i'm new to this website and i wasnt sure what that button would do :s
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