Can I copy/paste steam games to a new account ?

Hi everyone

In the last week I bought and downloaded DOOM, a process which took roughly 5 days of time to download (66.4 GBs)
Now everyone of my family wants to play it as well (My brother and sister) so I am setting them up for steam family sharing
So can I copy and paste the game to their computer because obviously downloading 66.4 GBs again isn't that desirable especially that our internet speed is 4 Mb/s
I am a little bit afraid that if this is unauthorized I might get banned
Any information about this is appreciated

Thank you in advance and sorry of that was too long to read
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  1. yes u can
  2. It`s possible to do if you create a backup of the game.
    And then copy the backup made so it can be added to steam by using the add games option.
    Or restore from backup, one of the two anyway.

    Then transfer it from one system via a home network setup by yourself.
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    Yep, go into Steam>steamapps>common and copy + paste 'DOOM', making sure to copy it onto their PCs in the same location.
    Then go into properties and validate game files once it is all copied onto their PCs.
  4. Thank you all
    I am now just making a backup in case anything goes wrong then I ill do it
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