50fps With A GTX 1070 And i5 4690k @4.4ghz?

Hey hey heyyyy

So ive been having some troubles running Battlefield 1.
I get 50fps on Ultra (Whilst on the game mode operations)

I understand that its a cpu intensive title and my 4690k is getting old now but cmon
it should atleast be getting 70+ right?

My specs
i5 4690k @4.4
Asus turbo 1070
Corsair 200r Case
CX500m PSU
2x4gb Hyper X Fury ram
asrock z97 pro 3 Mobo

Thanks for the help :D
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  1. Tough to say. Honestly the FPS you get seems pretty good to me, considering it's ultra and a 4690k. Yea, I know it isnt too old, (I use one too), but I suppose it's not "Ultra" setting material. I think changing some CPU demanding settings such as shadows should help.
  2. I get kinda the same fps with a rx 480 8gb and i5-3570k @ 4.1ghz 16 gb ram ddr3 1333mhz. Our bottleneck is cpu dude
  3. CapsLuke said:
    I get kinda the same fps with a rx 480 8gb and i5-3570k @ 4.1ghz 16 gb ram ddr3 1333mhz. Our bottleneck is cpu dude

    :/ Both my CPU And GPU stay at about 98-99%
  4. If both your CPU and GPU stay at 98%+ then you have a well balanced system for that game. More ram may help some. I think you should be getting more than 50 FPS not much more, but 60-65.

    I have a i5 -3570k @4.2 with a r9 390x 8GB and 16 ram and I get 60 FPS on a 27" 60 MHz on Ultra 1080 with vsync. Thats on conquest maps with 64 players. My CPU runs 75%-100% and my GPU only hits 100% about 40% of the time.
  5. em... what resolution? :D
  6. I think it is 1920 x1080. With all default setting in the game. The only items changed were key bindings.
  7. I had consistent 60 fps (probably more but not sure due to having VSync on) with a 4670k @ 4.2 GHz, 2x4 GB Ram, and a 980 Ti Strix OC on Ultra 1080p. I would think your CPU is fine and your 1070 would be able to push over 60 fps.

    Temps ok? My CPU usage was pretty high but I never checked GPU. I've replaced some hardware so I don't have these components to test for you anymore :/
  8. Thanks for the replies, Unfortuantly nothing has really helped haha, I doubt its my CPU because i see people with the exact same rig (with lower clocks) getting higher fps :(
  9. Best answer
    With BF1 Some of the maps and the number of users will impact FPS. Conquest Map with 64 players has a high CPU usage compared to the other modes, offline or # of users. Same map with 32 players will not use as much CPU.

    When comparing to others or videos, you must consider all of the facts. Don't compare an apple to a orange.

    A lot of PCs played the single player just fine and then was un-playable online.
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