Best Gaming motherboard Under Rs. 25000

I'm new to this forum and I've checked out the best Motherboard of Feb 2017 but I still I don't know what to choose.
I will use my Pc only for gamimg.
I've bought some of the parts already:
CPU : i7 7700K
SMPS : Cooler Master GXII 650W
Cabinet : Cooler Master N400
CPU Cooler : Corsair Hydro SeriesTM H100i V2 Extreme performance 240MM Liquid CPU cooler
GPU : GTX 750 Ti (I didn't bought it but I will upgrade it later)
RAM : Still not Decided, need help in this too!

Suggest me gaming motherboard under 25K INR and Whichever type of RAM would be best for the gaming needs.

Thank you.
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  1. Z270 Motherboards is a compatible motherboard with i7 7700K and also it is under 25000 INR.
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    Do you really think you need to spend 25k for motherboard? You can reduce your overall budget by buying a motherboard in 10-15k range and spend the rest for your graphics card. And your PSU is not a good one. I would recommend you to buy a better rated PSU. Refer PSU 2.0 Tier list. If you're okay with 25K, I can still suggest some enthusiast level motherboards.
  3. T-bag,
    I forgot about this thread of mine, sorry.
    Anyways, I've done some research myself and under 25K I've got :
    Asus maximus ix hero z270
    Gigabyte aorus gaming 5
    Asus rog strix z270E

    Which is better among these is better?
    And the PSU is already bought. It cannot be returned, can't help it.
    And I will buy a video card a bit later. So it's just motherboard now.
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