Logitech G402 VS Steelseries Rival 100

I come from a 5$ Dell mouse.
I have used it for like 2 years now and I even play CSGO with it. Everytime I play for like an hour, I start getting cramps in my wrist as it is an extremely small mouse.
Now that my exams are almost done, my mom promised me a new mouse.
My budget is 40$ and I cannot go a single buck higher than that.
According to the internet, the best mice in that prive range are Logitech G402 and Steelseries Rival 100.
I couldn't decide which mouse to buy as I am not an expert in these things (I know a lot of technical things and terms but due to lack of experience, I am a novice in this case.
I need a mouse for mainly CSGO and other non-fps games like Witcher 3 (CSGO is the only FPS game I play but I am quite passionate about it.)
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.
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  1. I think both brands are OK. The Logitech has more buttons, which may be useful.
  2. Is G402's sensor better than that of Rival 100's?
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    For fps games I would personally pick the Rival. I used the Rival CSGO edition myself and it works perfectly fine. I use alot of time at the computer and never had have a problem. Good luck :)
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