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So... My 4 year old corsair cx750 is starting to put out less power and it gives me lag spikes and pc shutdowns under heavy load so I'm thinking about buying a new one. It's come to my attention that there's a psu tier list but I was wondering what tiers I should buy from and what tiers not to buy from. I'm kind of confused since my cx750 served me quite well, though only for 4 years, but it is a tier 5 psu. What could I expect from a tier 3 or tier 2 psu for example and how does it affect overclocking and what lifespan can I expect from those tiers? Would a tier 4 still be acceptabele?

My second question:
I have a 3570k which i'd like to run at 4.4ghz at around 1.25v
A 7950 at 1150core/1500mem at 1.25v
And would like to upgrade to 24gigs of ram.

PSU calc recommends me a 750w psu but I think that's overkill. The only reason I bought a 750w 4 years ago is because I thought i'd crossfire 7950's but I didn't yet. So, for a single 7950 running those specs, what psu wattage should I get? 550, 600 or maybe 650? Or should I still consider crossfiring 7950's and get another 750w? I don't think i'll actually get another 7950 anytime soon though so I'm learning towards a lower wattage psu and a new gpu down the road but what's your opinion?

So, summary:
-What to expect from a psu tier and what tiers to buy
-still crossfire 7950's or skip to a new gpu
-what psu wattage should I get because I think the psu calc is overestimating things quite a bit + considering question 2

Thanks in advance!
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    I personally feel the CX units are tier 3 units (Safe to use, not for overclocking)
    (Note: I hate the tier system).
    They use cheap capacitors that tend to fail under heavy load, that being said, they are not dangerous like tier 5 units (or tier 4).

    I would recommend a 650w unit (you dont need alot of wattage anymore, and 650w would give a little headroom, PSUs run better at less than full load), but it depends on the budget (which is?).

    I would also recommend a new card, not Xfire.
  2. Yeah, that's what I was thinking too. I'm on a budget so a second 7950 wasn't something for the first few months anyways so a lower wattage psu with a new card down the road, like next year, seems like the best option. I'm definetely going to overclock though. I was thinking about a super flower golden green. How does that sound?
  3. Those units score pretty well, but they are not superflowers best.
    That being said, they score around an 8.8 to 9.2 on Jonnyguru depending on the wattage.

    Superflower is IMO the best of the best in the market, they are the OEM behind EVGAs high end units.
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