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Hello, I have a USB 3.0 Western Digital 2 TB external HDD that I use for backups on my laptop. I was wondering if there is a cable or connector of somesort that basically has 1 female USB 3.0 type A input and 2 male USB 3.0 outputs. Anything that I could use to connect both machines to the hard drive. Sort of like a backwards USB hub I guess.

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  1. Not really.
    You can just remote though. open up a file explorer window, or hit start and type RUN to open a run dialog.
    Type into the file explorer or run dialog:
    Replace name of computer with the name of the PC with the external, and replace the drive letter with the correct letter of the drive. For example c$ would give you access to the C drive, etc.

    You can also do things like
    \\nameofcomputer\users\greens\my documents\

    The only requirments or action needed to accomplish this is that both computers need to be on the same network, and you have to have the password to said computer.

    Thats it though - no advanced setup required. It is all built in to windows.
  2. instead of trying to find an adapter why not just leave it connected to one computer and share it over your network? trying to use some sort of splitter or adapter can cause problems.
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    No, you cant share it simultanously by two computers with a a USB cable.

    You can get a USB switch but that wont allow simultanous use.

    The best option is to use network shares:
    Plug the drive into the machine that is going to be in the same place the most often (preferebly a desktop).
    Guide on setting up a network share:
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