4790K Downclocking during stresstest

I OC'd my 7490K to 4.9/5GHZ on 1,3v and it's stable just running browsing and simple stuff and it stays cool (currently 20c) and stays at 5GHZ but when I run a stress test the temps are fine (60c) and there is no evidence on XTU that it's being throttled thermally since it's an immediate change to 4.2GHZ and will stay there till the load goes.

Any ideas whats going on? Temps are fine, no crashing or glitching going on either

Mobo: MSI Gaming 5
GPU: R9 290 Vapor-X (1100, 1400)
RAM: 24GB 1886Mhz

PIC of HWMonitor during prime95:

I have just run the For Honor benchmark on ultra settings and it seems OK (it still flickers between 4200/5000 but for the most part it was 5000) and temps are between 30-45c.

PIC results:
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  1. Make sure that speedstep is off
  2. HDD-Mod said:
    Make sure that speedstep is off

    I tried disabling speedstep but that automatically disables turbo (I have to have turbo on in order to OC), disabling turbo removes the ability to change multiplier

    Upped the current a bit and it stood at 5GHZ while under load but soon crashed, seemed to have fixed it just needs more tweaking now till I can get it to run
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    Yeah. Just gotta add more voltage for it to be stable. And a 1000 MHz Overclock isn't possible in some cases, thermals can prevent high overclocks in some cases. Don't wanna add too much or too little voltage. Usually best to go 100-200 MHz at a time, no just jump 1000 lol
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