TL-WDN3200 No 5G connection

So, my wireless adapter is not recognizing my 5g signal from the router. It sees other 5 signals in the neighborhood, but not mine. I've changed the port from Automatic to 44. I've downloaded the newest driver. Nothing. I know the 5G signal is working because our cell phones are connected to it. What can I do?
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  1. Are you using windows 10? There have been a lot of issues with this brand of adapters and windows 10.
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    Can your cellphone connect to 5g in your room? 5g can not penetrate as many walls so it could have problems gettings signal.
    Also USB type wifi sticks dont have the best range.

    Where do you have the adapter plugged in? It should be between your PC and the router, thus if your PC is literally between the usb card and the router then your PC itself could be making it harder for your usb card to get a signal.

    Also try a usb extension cable to see if moving it upwards above yoru desk helps.
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