HP 406 G1 microtower GTX 1060 compatible?

hello guyz ... my question is that since the build is i7 4770 and 12 gb of ram and can i upgrade my system to GTX 1060 or GTX 1050 , should i upgrade my power supply to and if yes then which one ?? please tell me all the details.
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    you buy , your try , and hope it don't make you cry ??? personally , I would not count on it working ,but ????? just be sure you buy the card from a retailer with a great and easy RMA/ refund policy just in case ..

    my disclaimer [then you got to do the homework on weather its a good risk or not on that model ]

    some models of store bought computers [dell.hp,acer,ect..] may come with a ''locked or fixed'' / legacy or uefi bios and may not allow you to change certain hardware as a video card.. this is done to protect them from undue warranty claims and refunds .this is not done to hurt you but to protect them. you really need to see if that upgrade has been proven to work in your model first before you invest money in it .. there are a lot of these threads here at toms to look at some models will allow upgrades and some dont.. and a lot of guys here say ya ya ya when is really no no would be sad you spent $200 on a card that won't post after you installed it as most find out. then get told its your psu and you spend more and end up right back where you are now, but its up to you good luck..

    you got to know the boards in these computers are not like the ones we use to do custom builds witch are open to upgrading with in the boards compatibly . the bios is custom made for there design and just for the parts they authorize to be used on there computers there only guaranteed to work as is out of the box as you bought it ,..

    also these boards do not have to meet atx standards and there pci-e slot power may not do the required 75w needed for most higher end cards and can be limited to say 45 or 60w that is all thats needed with the low end factory oem cards that it may of shipped with

    in the end any upgrade you do is all your own risk . the prebuilt manufactures only guarantees there computers work as sold to you as is out of the box from there factory with what they put on it , not a drop more

    there in business to sell you whole ready to go computers , and dont worry about you upgrading them or giving you support to do so . thats not how they make there money they prefer you run to wal-mart and buy there ''better'' latest models
  2. Your product manual

    The PSU recommended list

    A 1050 or 1050TI don't normally have the external power connector, some overclock models may have a 6 pin or 8pin. 1060 will require the PSU upgrade also.
  3. may not be about the power its about the HP propritory bios's used or if its uefi or legacy then NO graphics card was offered with that model to start with ..

    in the end you can only do what you feel is best and fingers crossed I'm wrong
    good luck
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