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This morning I noticed that I couldn't hear my fan on my desktop computer. Opened it up, and fan is running on low. Never turns up. Downloaded a temp monitoring program. It says my CPA is 5 degrees C. This is not possible, as ambient temperature is 23 degrees. So, clearly the probe (wherever it is) is feeding bad info and so the computer is running the fan on low. Where is this sensor? Can I change it?
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  1. I guess its inside the CPU.
    what cpu and mobo are you running ?
    you could reseat the CPU to see it if makes a difference, but if its reporting wrong, then it wont be cooling sufficiently.
    Might be time for a replacement/upgrade.
  2. What temp monitoring tool did you download? I use HWiNFO64.
  3. - Try rebooting? Does that help?
    - What temperature is showing up in the BIOS?
    - You could try reseating the CPU..wouldn't hurt. You'll need to re-do the thermal paste.
    - Update BIOS?
    - If BIOS still shows impossible low temp, then as a work-around, you could force the fan (in BIOS or Windows thru software) to run at a fixed higher rpm, but beware that if you do actually overheat, the system won't know it.
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