Can I install/flash Lineage OS Nougat on a phone running 6.0.1 Marshmallow?

I am not sure if there is any specific category in which I should be putting this question, so please don't mind it.
I saw a video in which the person who was running the ROM was instructing how to install it and he dropped a line that you need to be running Nougat to be able to install this ROM. That was the first time I heard someone say that a ROM can't be installed because you have a previous generation software running.
To update to the latest software is the primary reason people flash custom ROMs, so having that requirement, if true, is incredibly restrictive.
If anybody has installed Lineage Nougat on a device running Marshmallow and is working fine for them or if anybody has a definitive knowledge that it would or wouldn't work, please share.
Any help is much appreciated and thanks in advance!
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    Phones are not like computers. On a computer you can install any compatible OS image you want.

    On android the device manufacturers and phone carriers have put their paws into the mix to greatly limit what you can do.
    Some unlocked phones allow you to flash any ROM image from the get-go
    Some phones require you to crack/unlock the bootloader
    Others will only allow you to put ROMs bassed off of the OEMs (LG, Samsung, etc) software
    and some are so locked down you cant flash anything but the official ones from the OEM.

    So to put it simply there is no generic answer. You will need to look and XDA and other forums to research what is the capability of your specific phone and the requirements to be able to load a custom rom.
  2. How about we start with exactly what phone you have?

    It's quite possible that if the phone under lollipop had "abc" kernel, marshmallow had "def" kernel and nougat has "ghi" kernel that something could go wrong flashing straight from "abc" to "ghi". Or it could be that the bootloader is different between versions and only "xyz" bootloader being installed will allow the installation to work properly. Or it could be that the SELinux configuration in the marshmallow version is setup in a way that allows the upgrade to work.

    Who knows. There are some pretty big changes between major revisions of Android, any number of things could impact the upgrade. Maybe the creator of the ROM only ever tested going from 6.0.1 to 7.0 and therefore will only state that the upgrade will work in that fashion.

    I'd say the best place to pose this question would be in the developer section for said ROM over at XDA. But I am curious as to what phone you have and what ROM you are trying to install.
  3. I have a OnePlus X (Oxygen OS 3.1.4, Kernel version 3.4.0-perf-ge4f53e4). I don't think I even know the name of the kernel running in my phone or in the OS I want to install (Lineage 14.1 for the OPX). Anyways, thanks for clarifying that there are incompatibilities going from one OS to another, which I didn't know before.
  4. It wouldn't consider having to flash an intermediate ROM "incredibly restrictive", that is quite the exaggeration. the fact that you can install a ROM is the opposite of restrictive. Maybe it's a minor inconvenience. Set it up for custom ROM's, flash marshmallow, then flash Nougat. You want to talk restrictive, buy a phone from Verizon or AT&T.

    You may find that it works perfectly fine to skip a version when installing a custom ROM, I just wouldn't tempt it, they are suggesting how it was tested.

    Like I said though, ask the question over at XDA or the OnePlus forum.
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