Reliable RGB Gaming Keyboards?

What's the most reliable gaming keyboard out there with programmable RGB lighting? Seems that there's a lot of complaints with all brands about keys going bad, lights going out and software being buggy. I'd like to see a long term test on a variety of models...of course with reliability it's going to depend on the one you get from the manufacturer. At this point I don't want to buy any of them!
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    I'm happy with my Corsair K70. I've had it for over a year and had no problems with the LEDs going bad. I've had a couple of hiccups with the software, but nothing game breaking, just minor things like it forgetting my default lighting profile once or twice.
  2. My Corsair Strafe RGB has better software and much quieter but my Razor Blackwidow Chroma has a better feel to the keys and doesn't slide as easily on the desk. Neither has given me any hardware issues.
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