ASUS Maximus IX Hero+i7-6700k

Title says it all.. looking to upgrade my motherboard to the asus Maximus ix hero with my i7-6700k CPU.. only issue I potentially see is it is a z270 board, will I see any issues with this?
Both 1151 sockets so I don't think it'll be an issue, buutyeah. Let me know your thoughts.
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    No problem with CPU-mobo compatibility here. Just make sure mobo has enough space for your cooler. You know, it sucks to find out that last RAM slot becomes unusable because it gets blocked by cooler :)
  2. Haha I'm running a corsair h110igtx, so hopefully won't be an issue
  3. It usually only happens on very small micro-ATX boards, where all components simply have to be close to each other. But, it's better to check everything before buying.
  4. Which board would you go with the Maximus ix or MSI Z170A MPower Gaming Titanium Motherboard
  5. Been fan of Asus boards all life. Tho just bought Gigabyte board :)
    Compare what extras they have, decide which you have to, which you want and which are irrelevant, that way you will know which one is better for your needs.
  6. Yeah I mean, guess at this point here it really comes down to looks for me. Thanks for the help by the way.
    I've always loved the msi bios' but I hear they have issues with quality control, really like the asus but I feel the black/red themes been played out... AHHHH THE CHOICES!
  7. Personally, I disregard looks. What it matters when it gets locked in case? Unless you have case with window, that is :)
  8. Currently running a corsair 400c tower.. I mean if it came down to a good looking board with half the features vs a crappy looking board but with every possible feature, of course id chooses the features, when it's between two good looking boards with essentially the same features, of course I'm gonna pick the better themed one
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