trying to rediscover Very old pc games i used to play.

Long read inbound!
I seek to find information (names, and possible locations) regarding very old games i once used to play on my old win 95/98 pc, i have tried a couple methods to find this information but as i have only broken memories and no names of the games i hope others may be able to shed light on the games in question from as much information as i can give even though it will be partial. there is also a "bonus" game at the end which may or may not have been a true game as i never got past the first level and seemingly never existed.

The first game is a robot themed game. all that i can remember of this one is that the player was a robot with the purpose of collecting floppy disks throughout the level for some reason. i do not believe there were enemies or any fighting, although there could have been, but i do believe the disks were used to open terminals (computers) to get further along in the game, it was a top down game i think and was fairly dark and may have had different color areas.

The second game is one that i frequently get referred to boulerdash for, but that's not the correct game, it was a top down or 2d side game where you had to move smooth round boulder type blocks out of the way to solve the level to get to the next one, the only music i can remember from the game was the "yankey doodle" music with no vocals, and the only level i can easily remember most of was a checker board layout of the boulder blocks which the player had to move bottom right to top left or vice versa by moving the blocks in a step like patter as you moved through so you didn't get trapped. i don't recall enemies in this game either.

the third simply requires naming, it was a bowling game where you could make the balls look like planets or stars, i think maybe even pictures on the computer could go on there, but on one specific map you were in space and if you rolled a super hard ball you could bounce the ball off a planet in the background and both would disappear.

the fourth game was some sort of Mario rom or false game, i know it wasnt a legitimate mario game but you played as mario with a version of the n64 mario game song "bomb-omb battlefield" playing while there was no obvious goal in my time playing as it was some sort of 3d or 2.5d in a grassy area where mario characters like toad, peach and bowser were standing around in various areas and you could talk to them but after a short time A bar of fireballs would come from the top of the screen and after the first it would keep happening periodically. it was first discovered by my father as he was searching for pc versions of Super mario world a long time ago for me.

The fifth game was part of the Egames "galaxy of games" series, i almost guarantee that the name of one was moon buggy, you went from left to right, could speed up or slow down but generally not was the best idea, had a 6 wheeled buggy as you rolled over the flat land shooting at but usually dodging the bipedal robots sometimes going up and down on multileveled sections where if you pick wrong or are slow you can run into spikes or fall into lava or water. there were also patches (usually small) of water and lava that you had to avoid, sometimes there would be a large section of just lava or water but you would have a power up to survive it, there were multiple planets you could go to, at the end of each level you had to blow up a giant satellite dish

The final game which as stated at the top may not have been a true game at all as i only ever managed to play the first level before the disk the game was on disappeared so it may be some sort of tech demo or something. the game involved the player playing as a dinosaur or dragon the level consisted simply of two polygonal platforms with a white rope between them which tended to be too far to reach, there was no background, and as far as i recall there was no music or sound in general it was on floppy disk, and thats mostly all i got for that game, i have never found images, or games like it listed anywhere and it seems to have disappeared, hence why i think it may have been a tech demo for another game.

hopefully i can find answers to the names and possibly locations of the games.
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  1. #5 was probably something inspired by good old 8-bit game named "Moon patrol", though it looks like it has more features.
  2. DRagor said:
    #5 was probably something inspired by good old 8-bit game named "Moon patrol", though it looks like it has more features.

    i don't know that it was inspired, it could have been but there were a lot of those types of games circulating those days, the most annoying thing is the fact im almost absolutely sure its called moon buggy yet i can never figure out what it was on. did just do another check after another forum said it was moon buggy and managed to find a video of it, that game is from from 1999 apparently for reference purposes it looks a bit different than i remember but faulty memory and super old games will do that.
  3. Oh yeah. Moon Patrol as alive ... except with much better graphics. But no suprise, original Moon Patrol was made around 1980 or maybe earlier :)
  4. moon buggy was fun when i was little but was still extremely hard to play thats how games should be. i think it was just a game similar to moon patrol i've seen several with similar themes.
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