Kabby Lake G3930 CPU vs Higher Frequency RAM Compatibility

It's my first time I do a build and just wanted to make sure I don't get into troubles with compatibility :)

Case: NZXT H440
Motherboard: Asus Z270e Strix
CPU: Low end Kabby Lake G3930

Planned Memory: Thinking about buying Corsair Vengeance LPX 16 or 32GB (2 or 4 x 8GB) DDR4-3200
Planned PSU: EVGA / Corsair 850 / 860W fully modular either Supernova or rm/ax
Future CPU: kaby lake i5 7600k
Planned GPU: RX480 4 / 8GB
CPU Cooling: AIO NZXT or Corsair (ie corsair h100i v2 or similar)

My question is related to the compatibility of the CPU as this model only takes up to 2133Ghz in the spec and on the other hand MB is accepting way above 2133Ghz.

My question is whether this will work. I would like to cut the budget to buy other essentials while still being able to run the basics.

Thanks a lot for hep

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    Good question. Note that according to Intel specs, 7600K also takes up to 2400MHz (, and yet people can make it work with much faster memory. Therefore it should be also possible to run that G3930 with faster memory. And even if that would not work, still there is no compatibility problem with 3200 RAM - at worst it will run at 2133.
  2. Many thanks DRagor! I should have checked, but unconciously assumed that it's a fixed limitation due to low CPU spec / price.

    Kudos to you :D
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