Worth upgrading from AMD FX 4300 to FX 8300 (or 8320, 8350 etc)?

Hello, so, recently I bought an AMD FX 4300 quad-core CPU and I'm looking forward to upgrade it to either FX 8300, 8320 or 8350 octa-core CPU.

The question is - is it even worth it, because I saw some benchmarks and gameplays that don't show any significant difference that's worth spending, let's say ~$60-$100 for an upgrade.

My current rig is:

ASRock 970m Pro3 Motherboard
Klevv Neo Creative Evolution 2x4GB @ 1600MHz
AMD FX 4300 @ 3.9Ghz
Corsair VS450 450W PSU
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    For gaming, no it won't be worth it. The only benefits you'd get would be multicore performance, when doing video editing/rendering or compressing video via handbrake. Wait for Ryzen's budget cpu line to be released and build a whole new system.
  2. Wait for Ryzen.
  3. As a new upgrader from 4300 to 8300 go for it ! but for the money....was a bad idea for me i guess
  4. Thanks, so I'm good to stick with FX 4300 till Ryzen goes out and till I can afford a new motherboard with AM4 socket + DDR4 RAM.
  5. Depends on the game. If you're playing Battlefield, then you will see a nice FPS increase since BF makes good use of the extra cores. However, I certainly would not buy an FX8300 until after Ryzen is released. Prices will hit the pavement.
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