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Hello everyone,

For no reason in particular I have become interested in building cheap gaming rigs. For the first iteration I am starting with a pre-built ASUS computer which, I think, I got for a great price.

Specs are as follows:
ASUS FM2+ motherboard
8gb @ 1600mhz
onboard wifi + Bluetooth
1tb 7200 rpm Toshiba HDD
330 watt Bronze 80 power supply

I paid $160 USD or 130 GBP for it which included delivery.

My plan is to add a medium sized SSD or Hybrid drive, possibly upgrade the memory, and to install a new GPU. I am toying with 3 options. 1) get a Radeon R7-250 and run the comp in Dual Graphics mode 2) Throw in a used 750ti 3) go for something more powerful.

For option 3, Keeping in mind the limited CPU performance what do you think of these three options
1) used R9-270x
2) new RX-480 8gb
3) new 1050ti

I am leaning towards the 1050ti because it does not need external power since my power supply does not have the GPU power plugs.
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  1. For the cheap route throw in a used 750ti / GTX 950 75W sound like a good plan.
    My suggestion would be a $100 GTX 1050 Mini though:,%20LLC-_-na-_-na-_-na&cm_sp=&AID=10446076&PID=3938566&SID=
  2. What kind of FPS could I expect out of that system with a 1050 mini in, say Battlefield 2 @ 1080?

    Now that I think of it, I have an Alienware x52 with a 750ti in it. I could throw that GPU in this new comp and upgrade the X51's to a 1060 or something...
  3. The old Battlefield 2? This is 10 years old game so really high fps.
    The kinda weak A10-7800 will limit it though.
  4. filippi said:
    The old Battlefield 2? This is 10 years old game so really high fps.
    The kinda weak A10-7800 will limit it though.

    ya, that was supposed to say Battlefield 4. One of my other system, an I7-2700 + Radeon 6950 2gb can play it smoothly @ 1080p high settings. Would this system come close to that considering the 6950 is long in the tooth?
  5. Battlefield 4 multiplayer will be tough with the A10-7800.
    In single-player mode, however, where the graphics subsystem is emphasized, the gtx1050 is enough for smooth gameplay.
  6. With all of this in mind my best bet might be to transplant the parts into a HTPC case and use it with a tv for KODI and light gaming.
  7. Absolutely. The A10-7800 is totally worth for HTPC & light gaming as Kaveri actually supports 4K playback resolution.
    For the I7-2700 you should consider there are great options for less than $150.
    Like the nice ROG STRIX RX 470 4GB for $145 after rebate.,%20LLC-_-na-_-na-_-na&cm_sp=&AID=10446076&PID=3938566&SID=

    Battlefield 4 multiplayer will be butter smooth with a setup like that.
  8. If I got the HTPC route would it be best then to just get a r7-250 and run dual graphics? That should give me something for gaming but will save a few $$$ and will probably fit better in a small case.

    The I7 is actually a 2700k which I built in 2010 or 11...can't remember. I've been thinking of upgrading it but, from what I can tell, the performance gains from a 6th gen i7 do not justify the cost of mb+cpu replacement...I might as well just overclock! I'm not a hardcore gamer and I don't care about gaming at 4k so the 470 is more than enough for me...though I still like the 480 8gb!
  9. Best answer
    This particular dual graphics setup is usually not that great for smooth gameplay.
    The solo A10-7800 should be enough for some light gaming and very good for playback.
    If you start to need something more you keep in mind that the GTX 1050 Mini is actually made for HTPC cases so it will be really easy to upgrade later and it will be only 100 bucks away.
    oced 2700k + 480 8GB you will be capable of VR gaming and 1440p gaming.
    not too shabby :D
  10. sounds like a plan to me. I'll just scan ebay to see if anything tempting pops up.
  11. Good luck mate :D
  12. filippi said:
    Good luck mate :D

    So i loaded up battlefield 4 and gave it a go.

    Single player 720p medium settings = 40-50fps
    1080p low settings = 30-40 fps

    Mulitplayer (64 player) 720p medium = 30-40 fps while 1080p = 25-30

    I couldnt test it too much because the mouse is acting all jerky in the game. Gonna throw in some faster ram and whatever gpu i can find cheap and go from there.
  13. If you really go that 2700k + 480 8GB route you will be left with a spare 750ti from the Alienware x52 system right ?
    Not bad match for a A10-7800 if you ask me...
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