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Hi, I have a q9650 intel processor. My pc is a dell optiplex 760.
I wanted to overclock the cpu in my but after browsing the web I found out that I couldn't overclock it in this pc. I have tried SetFSB but no luck. I wanted to overclock because I play just cause 3, gta v and the bottleneck always comes down to the cpu.

So to get to the point, I would like a socket 775 motherboard which would allow me to overclock my core2quad q9650. I've been told a few times that this would improve framerates which is what I want.
So the question is: which motherboard would you recommend for overclocking this cpu? (I have a gtx 750 ti so the motherboard should fit this)
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  1. Calvin7 said:

    Hi Thanks. I searched ebay for one of those but they are a bit pricey. However after some internet browsing I found that the Gigabyte EP45-UD3X series motherboards are good to get for a budget. I looked at the specs and It seems great for overclocking the core2quad and core2quadextreme. I found some cheap EP45-UD3P's going at a good price. Do you think I should go for this one? Thanks for the original suggestion.

    I also found that the supported memory is the same as my optiplex memory(pc2-6400) (8gb - 4x2gb). I I wouldn't need to spend more money on ram. Would swapping the ram be advisable? Thanks
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    Look out for the 965P, 975X, P35, P45, X38 or X48 chipsets. They are amond the best available.
    955X and P43 are also suitable, but usually don't reach as far. Same goe for the nForce chipsets.
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