Asus Strix Z270-E Post issues

So I have just built my pc (Graphics card excluded because it is supposed to show up tomorrow) and it will not give me a Post screen, let alone get to the bios on the first boot.


i7 7700k
Asus Strix Z270-E Motherboard
Corsair Vengeance LPX 2800 mhz ram
Sandisk SSD Plus 240Gb SSD, and Hitachi Ultrastar 1tb

When I switch the power supply on, the LED indicator on the motherboard shows that it has power. The POST state LEDs stop on Green which, in the manual, shows it as "Boot_Device_Led." I am confused. There is no graphics card installed yet so I just have a monitor plugged into the onboard HDMI. Any help would be greatly appreciated, I am clueless.
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  1. Can you test the DVI-D port?
    Do all fans spin when board started?
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  2. Hey I'm having the same issue. I have my GPU installed, I've tried using the GPU and the intergrades one. Everything is hooked up/plugged in the motherboard comes on all the fans but no post screen monitor doesn't recognize the computer also mouse and keyboard board are INOP.
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  3. Try running each hard drive by itself. Also try moving the ram around or going to one stick.
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  4. I took out all of the RAM except for one. I moved it around several times, but eventually I got the POST screen. Thank you stapler!
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  5. Now wait. Which slots let you post? It's it the left two or the right two?
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  6. The most forward slot.
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  7. So it's only the one slot? Yeah I'd return it. Thats defective. All four slots should work at any given time.
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  8. I'm going to install Windows, update, reboot and try with all four.
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  9. Ok. Sometimes odd situations happen, but if one slot doesn't work for any reason whatsoever I'd absolutely just go ahead and return it. That could very easily turn into something worse.

    A computer is supposed to be "perfect" as long as all components are compatible. If you can get it to boot with the sticks in the slots other than the first one, I highly doubt it's a compatibility issue.
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  10. Alright, I'll return it then. Thank you for all the help
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  11. So I had the same exact issue and I was also using the same motherboard and CPU...I was using a Radeon 470 Graphics Card and did not get a signal from either the motherboard hdmi or the graphics card. When I finally tried my Nvidia 970 I finally got a signal from that.

    No idea why I was able to get a signal only from the 970 I just returned it and get a replacement that comes in tomorrow and am really hoping it works. The computers for my mother and she is super excited for her custom built computer and it would be great if the dang thing would work. I'm almost tempted to give her GTX 970 but I love the card so much I don't think I can.
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