Dell XPS 4k vs Razer Blade QHD

WHICH one would you go for?

im talking in sense of quality/customer service?

General Gaming such as Skyrim? i know one has gtx and dell has 1050

ive heard alot of bad reviews about the razer?
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    Don't know about the Razer, but I've always had good experience with Dell. I know lots of people would laugh at that, but I feel those people haven't actually had one. First off, build quality tends to be excellent. Cables tend to be routed very tidy. Components tend to last forever. I can go on. There is a reason you always see huge lots of retired Dell PCs on craigslist from companies that upgrade every 5 years. I have a 2008 model Optiplex 330 sitting in my closet with an inch of dust on the inside, and I know for sure that if I blew the dust out and fired it up, it would work.
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