Which one out of these PSUs should I go for?

Hello, where I live we are very limited on decent PSUs at an affordable price range so I want to check if these PSUs are not going to blow up or fail on me anytime soon, atleast until I can afford a more decent PSU.

Basically, there is a huge gap in PSUs here and the $30-$50 ones are priced at $50-$70 here (and they're not the more reputable ones either) and then there is a sudden jump where it skips the ones that are priced at $50-$70 and goes into the $90-$120 price range, which costs $120+ here. So you can see my issue, other stuff are also overpriced but understandably, unlike these jumps although I don't know how PSUs are exported and all that shit.

I wrote that just so I can avoid these <removed> "don't be an idiot and cheap out on PSU" comments when I'm paying $70 for a $40 PSU, and other options are $120+ which are overkill for the system that i'm building which states that it requires ~330w so i'm focusing on a 400w+ power supply.

Anyhow, here are the overpriced PSUs (only listing brand names that i've seen thrown around):

Aerocool AF-500 500w
Acbel ME2 PLUS 400w
Cooler Master Elite 550w
Acbel IPOWER G 550w
Thermaltake Litepower 650w
FSP Hexa+ 400w
Cougar STX Series 650w
AeroCool KCAS 500w
Corsair VS450 450w
EVGA 450B 450w
Silverstone Strider ST50F-ES 500w

Now I know, It's probably a no brainer to just go for either the EVGA or Silverstone but it's SUPER hard to get and only appears every blue moon at this price range, if i'm lucky i'm definitely going for it and I will try to hold back and wait for it as much as possible (can't pre-order). So, with them out of the way, which ones should I go for as a back up? Please don't tell me "never heard of it so don't get it" all of these are recommended here by multiple people but lack of reviews and recommendations of them holds me back. For example, the FSP PSUs are very much recommended and go to for many here yet when I look it up online everyone says it's trash and unheard of.

Please help me, thank you.
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  1. That list doesn't really have a decent PSU.
  2. The danger of a cheap psu is not that it might fail, but that it will not have the protective circuitry to keep from damaging the other parts too.
    Here is one list of psu quality tiers.
    Try to find something at least tier 3 or better.

    Seasonic is universally good if you can find one.
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    FSP Hydro 500w.
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