Computer turns on but no monitor display after ram install. Please help.

So I originally had 8gb ddr3 ram (2x 4gb Corsair ddr3 Vengeance 1600 Gray) in my motherboard. It worked fine. I bought 2 more (2x 4gb Corsair ddr3 Vengeance 1600 Red) and put them in my board. I turned the computer on and it booted into the bios. I checked on the bios to make sure the ram was showing up and it was. Then all of a sudden my mouse cursor froze and I reset the computer. Now, this is where I'm stuck. I put the old ram back the same way it was. and tried to boot. I got nothing. My keyboard turns on, mouse turns on (LED's lights up) and all my fans and hard drives sound off like they are working but my monitor says no display. Please help me out guys. Thanks.


Gigabyte Geforce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB Graphic Card





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    For that CPU, you need low voltage DDR3L RAMs. It might be that the CPU memory controller got damaged. Try RMA-ing the CPU, maybe board too, and replacing the RAMs with compatible DDRL modules.

    Try also clearing the CMOS, if you haven't so far.
  2. Im getting a new cpu shipped out tomorrow. Luckily Im still within the 30 day period for my new system. I'll let you know how it goes when it comes in. Thanks so much for the reply.
  3. You're welcome. Yes, please post back the result.
  4. Hi Alexoiu. It worked. I have a question though. Thank you so much. My savior. You saved me 100's.. Why is it that the computer can run 8gb of ddr3 ram but not a full 16gb? Yes, I know its supposed to be ddr3l but why has the 8gb been working for this long and not affected the cpu?
  5. Hi,
    The load on the CPU increases as you add more memory modules.
    Therefore it's better to use 2 memory modules versus filling all 4 RAM slots.
  6. Just because Im scared and want no more issues... Will this work with my setup?
  7. Yes, they should work. But the total amount would be 8GB.
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