Intel CPU Freezes After Upgrade from Dual Core Pentium D 805 CPU to Core 2 Quad Q9500 or Q9400

Intel CPU Freezes After Upgrade from Dual Core Pentium D 805 CPU to Core 2 Quad Q9500 or Q9400

Hi Guys,

My CPU is one that I built with parts purchased myself.

CPU - Dual Core Intel Pentium D 805 2666MHz 2MB Cache.
Wanted to change to Core 2 Quad Q9400

MotherBoard - Gigabyte GA-G41M-Combo v1
Memory - 2 x 2GB Sticks - SPD - DIMM1 - SK Hynix and DIMM2 - SK Hynix

BIOS - Award Modular Ver F3

I checked everything before purchase of the Processor that will it support my Mobo or not.

The Mobo Supports this processor (Q9400) It runs fine at 32 Degrees for some time.

It suddenly freezes and nothing moves from the computer. The mouse does not move. The keyboard does not respond. I have to either do a hard reset or press the power button long enough to turn it off completely before restarting. The Display does not go anywhere and keeps displaying whatever was there on the computer when it froze. Moreover I have had a clock running at the back just to be sure that its not just the keyboard or mouse not working but the computer is actually frozen.

I updated all the drivers using WIndows Update and have Windows 7 Ultimate Retail Disk. Without SP1 which I have to download through Updates.

Once changed the computer freezes and does not help at all. Max 10 Minutes I can work and the time duration shortens if it repeatedly turn on the computer again and again.

More over the computer may freeze at any point in time be it loading windows or after logging in while logging in anytime.

I had installed AIDA64 to run benchmark tests but it did not yield much. I can offer any details you request.

Please help me with this I will be as expressive as one can be over forums. I have changed back to my original processor that is Pentium D805 which is working fine as usual.

Kindly Help
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  1. 1| You may want to inspect the CPU socket and see if there are any bent pins on the socket while you can also inspect the contacts made on the CPU itself to see if there is an issue.

    2|You've forgotten to include the make and model of your GPU, your PSU and the HDD you're using for the system. Please include them.

    3| You may also want to see if the system freezes when in BIOS. Reflash the BIOS to F3 and see if the issue persists.
  2. Hello Lutfij,

    Thank you for the quick answer, I inspected the CPU Socket before placing the D805 Back in.
    Had Cleaned the Contact part of the processor with a clean cloth before placing it in as it is a used CPU that i Bought.
    GPU is a very old GeForce 7100 GS 256 MB Dedicated Memory and 512 Shared Memory Drawing from RAM
    Cooler Master PSU 350 W
    HDD is Seagate 500 GB 7200 RPM
    Have NO FDD
    Have NO CDROM attached

    Have never experienced the CPU to be frozen in BIOS mode, however it did freeze on me a couple of times just after POST

    I have returned the Q9500 processor and got Q9400 from the vendor I got both the processors. But Since i am facing the same problem with them both I posted about it.
  3. Please refer any KB Articles or steps that I may try to get this resolved. I Am installing the Q9400 again on this system.
    I read on one of the articles that I should Hard Reset BIOS by removing the CMOS Battery then Save them on Default by Pressing F10. Then I should First go to Windows in Safe Mode for Windows to Understand the Processor (Dont Understand the Logic Behind It) But i will give it a try and then I will post with my findings.
  4. PSU make and model?
  5. Best answer
    PSU Cooler Master 350 W
    Now - I must say that sometimes illogical things work perfectly.

    I did the following and hopefully things are working seamlessly with my computer.
    - I removed the CPU Fan.
    - Removed the CPU from its socket.
    - Removed the BIOS CMOS Battery
    - Installed the new CPU without any paste (I did this before as well)
    - Added paste on top of the CPU
    - Added Paste at the bottom of the HeatSink
    - Installed the Heatsink Correctly onto the mobo
    - Checked for firm seating of the Heatsink
    - Installed the CMOS Battery Correctly and while checking the Polarity
    - Started the computer after plugging Serial Keyboard, USB Mouse, VGA Video Cable on Graphics Card, USB Wifi
    - Pressed Del to enter BIOS
    - It Asked me which BIOS to be put back For Eg. LKGC or Worked More than 5 Times or Default etc.
    - I Chose Default
    - Made a few setting changes like time and date and Boot Device, saved using F10 and computer rebooted.
    - Pressed F8 to start computer in Safe Mode.
    - Safemode Boot Successful and RAN AIDA64 to check details.
    - Restarted computer after approx 10 minutes on Safemode.

    PC is working fine since. I don't know what happened or what changed. But things are working fine as of now. Will Update if anything changes.
  6. Thanks for this thread. Updated an old PC I have that had a Pentium Dual with a Q9400 and it had this freezing problem. I had updated the BIOS before the upgrade but then I reset it to optimized defaults and that solved the freezing problem. Board is a Biostar G7 7050V-M7. Can't believe how good this PC is now. Thanks again.
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